Contractor Safety Management (CSM) plays a key role in day-to-day business activities and project execution.

Businesses are required to ensure and verify the safety and occupational health of their employees, vendors and every contractor.

To accomplish this without compromising the company’s economic performance, high-level risk management skills are needed to properly oversee and manage both internal and external conflicts at contractor/vendor interfaces.

Day To Day Challenges

  1. Service outsourcing is a growth market
  2. Every contractor-provided service poses an additional risk
  3. Contractor accident rates are 3 times higher than those of internal employees
    (EKAS 6508)
  4. Liability always remains with the contracting entity

Safety Shortfalls

  • Responsibility for tasks and duties related to services are often ambiguously defined
  • Poor order and project coordination leads to safety deficiencies
  • Clashes at interfaces present additional challenges
  • Communication regarding operating instructions, rules and potential hazards is insufficient and instruction is lacking
  • In many cases, risk assessments reveal deficiencies, safety statements have gaps and the workforce is not adequately trained
  • Contractors are insufficiently vetted for quality and expertise and these checks are not thoroughly documented
  • Companies frequently lack in-house resources with the expertise required for performing appropriate safety checks and controls
  • End-of-contract inspections are incomplete, final appraisals are skipped and no feedback process is implemented

Interface Clashes


Our Services

  • Offer a standardized, robust and field-proven Contractor Safety Management program (CSM), fitting for different types of industries and is easily adaptable to efficiently meet your needs
  • Provide guidance implement and carry out a customized, risk-based contractor safety management program including all required training
  • Handle all contractor registration, screening, appraisal and overall management
  • Offer targeted support to contractors to help them meet predefined requirements
  • For projects: draw and implement a Health, Safety and Environment project manual, from management to execution
  • Provide targeted support when implementing measures along with corresponding efficiency and robustness checks (PDCA)
  • Manage and facilitate a feedback process between businesses and contractors
  • Periodically monitor and perform verification of the CSM program
  • Handle accident/incident investigations and provide any support needed
  • Compile reports, records and statistics

Your Benefit

  • Implement a standardized, custom and economically efficient CSM program
  • Ensure that responsibility for performing tasks and duties is clearly assigned before any work begins
  • Clearly define communication channels and implement centralized document management standard, accessible at all times
  • Base your decisions on reliable, verifiable contractor evaluations performed by independent experts
  • Receive comprehensive information about every contractor including performance level, quality of workmanship or service, and adherence to safety requirements
  • Achieve an appreciable increase in safety, lower accident rates, occupational health risks, damages, less downtime and a perceptible decline of monitoring costs
  • Boost employee motivation, enhance business partner / contractor engagement, improve performance and raise profitability
  • Considerably lighten the workload of internal resources on matters related to contractor safety management and legal compliance
  • Schedule frank, independent consultations with experienced subject matter experts

Let our wealth of experience and expertise work for you – we would be happy to assist you.

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