Our Services  

  • Provide guidance and support on setting up a customized occupational health and safety management system (i.e. ISO 45001, OSHAS 18001, ISO 14001) or verification and modification of an existing system
  • Perform risk assessments for working areas, workplaces, processes, plants, machines and equipment (e.g. ZHA, PAAG, SUVA method, job hazard analyses, safety stops)
  • Consultation and assistance for realization of Stoerfallverordnung, BetrSichV, EKAS 6508, machinery directive 2006/42/EG and the chemical directive
  • Provide guidance, implementation support and verification services for hazardous material storage facilities
  • Enforce safety walk-downs in manufacturing and office facilities to ensure compliance with personnel safety, ergonomics and environmental requirements
  • We develop and conduct safety training sessions tailored to your business needs
  • For accident / incident investigations you receive professional expertise support;
    we establish impactful mitigation measures tuned up with your team

Your Benefit

  • Implement an efficient, risk-based and verifiable management program for occupational safety and health protection for your business
  • Ensure full compliance with all occupational safety and health, ergonomic and environmental directives and all are kept transparent, up to date and under control in your facility
  • Have a transparent risk tolerance matrix/ risk portfolio prepared including practicable recommendations for risk mitigation
  • Effectively lighten the workload of internal resources on matters related to legal compliance
  • Provide a training and development program and firmly established in the daily business
  • Achieve an appreciable increase in safety and profitability, verifiably lower incident rates, damages, disruptions and less downtime
  • Attend frank, independent consultations with experienced experts who are specialists in their respective fields

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